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  1. Cyndi Alverson
    Cyndi Alverson at · Reply

    We love Gil’s Goods!

  2. Don Watson
    Don Watson at · Reply

    We stopped in for breakfast on May 20. Great breakfast. great atmosphere. Excellent music. (consider posting your music list!)

  3. Michele Privette Gorden
    Michele Privette Gorden at · Reply

    So my college aged son is on his own American Walkabout (he is traveling by himself for the first time in his life, & all he’s got is a new tent/sleeping bag & chump change). I texted him to go have breakfast in your place due solely to your blog b/c I assume you will treat/feed him right!

    I agree, you can learn so much about someone based on how they cut an onion or make coffee.

    We’re trying to do the local sustainable in the El Paso TX/Las Cruces NM area. Takes lots of focus. Greatest of luck & karma to you!

  4. Deb C
    Deb C at · Reply

    It is a great place with great atmosphere, we love it when there is music playing. We have been in on a regular basis each Weds during bowling season for the 10 piece wings. Been thrilled when we get the sassy sauce… Disappointed when we are brought wings in buffalo sauce or another sauce without being told you are out of your menu sauce. Would like to see the servers let the customers know about the change when we order, so we do not waste our time and money waiting for our order and getting excuses for the change. Also it states 10 wings and we have gotten everything from 7 – 10 depending each time and the comment that is all we must have had. They should let the cashier know and adjust the price to fit how many wings you are actually getting or do not state it on your menu that it is a 10 piece wing order. Otherwise looking forward to bowling season and our Weds night stop for wings in hopes of the delicious reg sauce.

  5. rob lee
    rob lee at · Reply

    Hello,from the Adirondack Mountains. I have been informed that you have one of the Northeast’s rising baking talents employed in your fine establishment- Lauren”the Mostest”. If so,send her back here anytime,we all miss her a lot! We miss her warmth and friendliness,her smile&interuptive laugh-and even her excessive flatulance. Try and get her to keep her red hair out of the pizza dough. All love, Rob-“The Enebriator”.

  6. Larry F.
    Larry F. at · Reply

    Spent a memorable evening at Gil’s on a road trip starting in Bozeman. The pizza was fabulous, and loved seeing the 50 pound bags of Wheat Montana flour, as well as the Montana High Gluten flour. Loved the atmosphere, too, with live music next door.

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